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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Welcome to Our Blog!

Happy 2008! It is going to be a great year and we are looking forward to sharing our adventures with you through our blog. We hope to have this be the area in which we can tell you about our fun work. You see, we get to go to work with Tara (our owner/mom) in her Play Therapy practice. We LOVE it! We get to work with many great kids who are struggling to overcome situations in their lives.

Because the children range in ages from three to eighteen, only one of us get to go at a time. We get very jealous if the other gets to go and we have to stay home, but it is so exciting to share our day with each other when we get home. Usually Abbey gets to meet the new clients first because she is smaller and not so clumsy. I sometimes seem intimidating to some kids because I am so big, but Abbey says she tells the kids about me so they will not be afraid and they can work with both of us. Once the children meet us, they always ask for us and we smile in knowing that sometimes they prefer us to Tara (even though she went through all that long schooling to be able to help them).

We decided to create this blog to share with you because Tara has written a few articles about our counseling work and has had a lot of people ask to keep updated on what we do. We hope you enjoy hearing about us and our adventures and look forward to sharing with you.

May 2008 bring lots of love to each of us and remember if you have a canine friend, we love our bellies rubbed!
PS That is me, Bode at the laptop!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Abbey and Bode,
Too cute you two!
See you soon,