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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are they coming back?

We love visiting friends and family, but it seems we have been here for a long time now. Where is "here" you ask, well we are at Grandma and Grandpa Moser's and have been here for 5 human days, which for us is like a month. We were so wrapped up in playing with Dante and Gracie that we didn't realize Tara and Geoff's good-bye was for the longest time ever!! We are debating, this is both Bode and Abbey, about when we think they will get back and finally heard Monday....that is still 5 more days until we see them!!!

Have you ever had to take a break from your loved ones and away from your house? It is really hard. At first it was really fun, but we miss our house, our couches, our yard, and so on. We have stopped waiting at the window and once Abbey got to call and leave a message.....she was howling into the phone. We think Tara and Geoff miss us as they have called a few times to see how we are doing. They are at a conference and visiting our friends in Cape Cod. We heard that everything is dog friendly up there, but because of Bode's size we could not go with them. Abbey is happy she didn't go without Bode but misses them greatly! Maybe airlines will reconsider large dogs having to travel under the plane and then we can all go together...wouldn't that be mean to have Bode all alone under the airplane...sounds very scary!

The most reassuring thing is to hear they are coming back and miss us. By having a time frame, that we sort of understand, helps to know we get to go home and see our favorite people very soon. We hope that if you ever have your favorite people have to leave you behind that you are able to have a time frame and check in with them like we have! More to come once Tara and Geoff are back!!

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