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Friday, July 25, 2008

Left Alone...

This has been a hard two weeks for me. Each week, I have had two client's scheduled to work with me and I go in and they aren't there. It is so hard because I get so excited when I get to work. We get there and get all my things set up and then wait....wait...and wait somemore. When Tara calls, they either do not answer or say they forgot. Don't they know it hurts my feelings to be "forgotten" about.

I love Tara, but I love even more to work with the kids and help them with what they are working on. I am needing to learn that I cannot pout when this happens and to understand that sometimes things don't happen the way we plan. This has been a very hard lesson because it never seems to happen to Abbey. Abbey is so easy going, so maybe it does happen to her but it just doesn't bother her.

Have you ever had something that you get excited about but then doesn't happen? How do you handle it? This feeling happens when Tara and Geoff go out of town because no where takes dogs my size, so we both stay with family while they go. There has been talk about packing, so I think they are leaving again and we will stay behind....oh wait, that also means no work--At least I will be able to play with Dante and Gracie!

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