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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Different Interests....

Well, Coconut came to visit us again this weekend and it has been fun. None of us are so sure about those loud noises outside that Geoff and Tara say are fireworks, but we made it through the worst night. Happy 4th of July to everyone (even though it is a day late!)

We learned that we all have different interests and have to be ok with not always liking what the others want to do. This came about yesterday when Coconut decided to go swimming in our pool... he just kept jumping in, swimming around and then repeat. Well, let's just say we don't do the pool thing and hide or sunbathe when others do, however we have never seen a fellow four-legged friend swim! Tara brought us out some doggie ice cream, so we ate our ice cream and watched Coconut go and go. They taught him how to climb on the raft when he needed a break and the repeat again. I dont think any of us thought we could get him to come out of the pool for they day!
When he came in, we tried to get him to play games like chase and tug and he just ignored us as he was too tired. We learned that is ok to do your own thing and not always needing to be with others, but it is fun to find a way to share your time and do both as well.

You still won't get us in that pool thing...we can't touch the bottom...but give us doggie ice cream any day!!

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