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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

To the doctor...

Hey it's Bode. Tara praised me for my patience with a client this week and I thought I would share. I don't know why this happened, but it did and it seemed to really help the 5 year old girl I was working with.

We have doctor and vet kit in our playroom and for some reason she decided to play with it yesterday. The entire session, she was giving me pretend shots, checking my ears, teeth, tail and legs. She even pretended to take an x-ray and my blood pressure. I got all three of my legs wrapped as they were "broken". I was very patient with her and she kept finding things wrong with me...I ended up with a fever too, so she gave me lots of water to drink!

After all the things that made me unhealthy were fixed, the little girl gave me cookies and laid down with me telling me that things will be great. I think she worked a lot inside of her and I was able to help her. It is amazing to see how playing doctor can make a little girl feel good...and I loved the attention I got!

You never know how playing can make things feel better for a client!

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