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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A New Friend...

Coconut came to visit --you can scroll down to see a slideshow of the fun we had together.

Coconut is our new friend. He is a 6 month old Jack Russell puppy and he has ALL puppy :) His owner, Heidi and her daughter Charli Su had to go for a long weekend, so Bode and I puppysat! Tara and Geoff think they were in charge, but we took care of everything.

We know how hard it is when you can't go on trips with your family as most of the places Tara and Geoff go do not allow dogs over 50lbs and that rules out Bode, so I always stay with him at our grandparents house. Our previous knowledge made it easy to help him settle into our routine and learn the ropes with still feeling comfortable. Bode taught him that "ice cookies" are just as good as regular cookies, but you can't fool me with those ice cube things, and to tug! I taught him how to play tag in the yard and we all played fetch and chase together (although you will see in the pictures that we wrestled too). Today is his last day with us and it took the entire four days to teach him the doggie door--I had to try and show him to let Bode go first and then wait as there is a LARGE backswing when Bode goes through!

The hardest part is that Bode and I are set in our nap and bedtime schedules, but Coconut kept fearing he would miss something so had to be awake all time time. I think Coconut caught on as he is sleeping now and Heidi will be coming soon to get him, actually Bode is asleep to and I am off for a nap after this. Remember change is hard, but if you treat it as your own vacation and not that your favorite people left you...then you can have just as much fun as those humans!

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