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Friday, June 6, 2008

Personal Time...

Hi, It's Bode! Ever feel like you can't get away, every where you go there is someone there and you just want 5 minutes by yourself? Thank goodness I can do that at work! I love that word, WORK, WORK, WORK. This week we have Rascal and Baxter staying with us and it is a lot of fun, but we keep forgetting to rest and then we get upset with each other because we are too tired.

Right now everyone is laying around because we got up early to run, play tag, tug, and wrestle, but Baxter wants to keep going. He is only 9 months old and I guess that is why. Tara keeps telling us that it is ok to take time by ourselves and Abbey keeps finding great hiding spots. I have found that I can go lay on the living room couch and no one knows for a bit. We keep rotating who goes to the office so we have playtime to run and then work with the kids. I learned yesterday that if I don't take a nap before work then I don't do very good. Good thing I love naps too!

Please remember that everyday you should take time for yourself just to get a way from everything and breathe! Also naps are great to lift your mood when you can fit them in...even 20 minutes helps!

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