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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Christmastime...

I love to keep an eye on the presents and Christmas tree! See how it sparkles? I know some of those gifts are for me, I just can't touch them! This is my favorite pillow in the house and Tara moved it by the tree....just for me (Well, Bode does try to take it when I get up!).

I think this is going to be my new Christmas tradition. Pillows by the sparkly tree, who could ask for anything more?

We have a tree at Delta Family Counseling (our office) too, but it is small and doesn't smell real. I don't like that one and stay away from it. I think Tara tried to trick our clients into thinking it is a real tree...I hope they know the difference! I wonder if other people have trees that aren't real? Do they sparkle just as much?

I wonder what other traditions people have for Christmas? One other tradition I know of is that we get to open Santa's presents on Christmas morning...that sure is a nice man to leave them for us! Bode, Blackey, and I asked for new soft toys. I think the boys really want those big "Bo-bo's", but I like the soft pretty toys that I can snuggle with.

Sweet dreams for Christmas!


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