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Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa is coming!

This was last year's picture, but I just love Christmas! We got a new tree this year and I have to make sure Blackey realizes this tree is different from the ones outside. We love to curl up on our pillow in front of the tree and look at the ornaments. Abbey and I are having fun teaching Blackey what Christmas is all about...we don't think he has every been able to properly celebrate Christmas. We hung up our stockings and are awaiting Santa's arrival. We know we are on the good list...Santa has to overlook those little accidents and barking at neighbors incidents, right?
At work the kids all keep wanting to talk about Christmas and not always their situations that lead to counseling, but we keep them on track! We have been busier than ever and are so glad people feel they can trust us. This week we have many clients to get in before Christmas and have lots and lots to talk about! There are many New Year's Resolutions for peace and happiness and we could not agree more!
Merry Christmas!

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