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Friday, April 23, 2010

This week's adoptable...

We haven't been doing a very good job in featuring those who need a forever home from the Gulf Coast Humane Society. This week we want to tell you about Snickers.  Tara and Geoff met Snickers at an event with Blackey and loved him! Snickers really wants to get out of the shelter, so please consider bringing him to your home!

Snickers is an awesome guy! He is a calm, friendly senior dog who gets along with other calm dogs. He is not keen on young whipper-snappers that want to romp all over him and will tell them so.
His heel walk is just beautiful and he can be walked by anybody, weak or strong. He will adjust his speed of walking to yours. Being a gentle soul we would do well in a family that is not too noisy. He is an asset and we can only recommend you make him part of your family. 

From a Gulf Coast Humane Society Employee: He is very people friendly, if a little shy at first.  One cool thing about him, we take him to the Oasis for lunch every Tuesday and he will definitely be there some time between 11:30 and 12:30. Might bring some interested parties out for lunching.

VOLUNTEER OBSERVATION from Gulf Coast Humane Society:
"I want to let you know that he enjoys a full fledged body massage. He also likes his neck being rubbed, and I think he might be easy to train. I am just completely amazed, because I think I met one of the sweetest doggies ever at the Humane Society!!"

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