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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who knew...

Who knew that this baby in our house would bring in toys for us! We love this pillow. You can slide your head into it nicely. Tara calls it a boppy and has to ask me to get off of it all the time. Good thing we are good sharers in our house, because I LOVE this pillow! There are also many new things that make all kinds of noises and music that interest me!

I love this new human brother of ours and can't wait to share more with him once he really understands Abbey and I are here!

Do you share with your brothers and sisters? It is such a reward to share but sometimes it is hard! I don't know how I will feel if the baby wants to play with my favorite toys, but since he shares with me, I will share with him!

Lot's of love to you this week!

PS The Gulf Coast Humane Society is having an event Saturday, check out their website for more information and to support them! We will post the adoptable dog of the week tomorrow!

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