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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Abbey received the all clear!

Bode here...again! Let's hope Abbey feels like writing again soon! Here we are at work yesterday...we cuddled together while we waited for clients!

After work today, Tara took her back for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Monte. Abbey was so scared that she told me she kept trying to find a way out of the waiting room. I heard Tara say that she was hiding under chairs and shaking.

They took her blood again and found that her temperature was finally gone. After what Abbey said was a LONG wait, they came back and said everything is back to normal range and no more medicine for her!

Tara asked if they could put a name to what Abbey had and the doctor shared that it was an infection of her bili-system that caused her white blood cell and bilirubin counts to go so high and the fever to struggle to fight it off.  She finally said it was some sort of rare, non-contagious form of hepatitis. I am so glad to have my sister back to being healthy!

Good night and sleep tight...I will tell Abbey to write soon!


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