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Monday, June 18, 2012

NASW-FL...we came, we saw, we...

What a whirlwind trip! Somer and I attended the NASW-FL conference with Tara and Liz this past week. We took a LONG car drive across the state (well, long to us but only 2.5 hrs) and arrived at a hotel. It has been quite a long time since I got to stay in a hotel and NEVER with Somer before!

We were so excited and people seemed even more excited to see us. Good thing I am a dog and don't care, but everyone kept asking how much I weigh! Good thing they didn't ask Tara or Liz how much they weigh...I don't think it has the same ring to it! Lots of people were also curious as to "what we are". Luckily our human co-therapists are used to this question and know the people realize we are dogs, but mean what is our breed.

Tara left to teach a workshop without us shortly after we arrived and I got to relax with Liz and Somer. It was much needed as there was an "incident" before that in which I did not handle myself as well as I should. I got scared and sent out a warning, which caused Somer to do the same and people around us were so nervous. We later learned our "incident" had to do with a service dog in training that was being walked around by someone other than it's trainer. They got in our space and kept coming closer and I could not handle it. I apologize to the hotel and those around us for my rude behavior. Sometimes fear makes us react without thinking.

When Tara finished her presentation, we went to a really great restaurant (Gilbert's on 17th in Ft Lauderdale was amazing!) and they treated Somer and I like royalty. They brought us big bowls of water, petted us, talked to us and event took Somer for a walk around the complex. I didn't go as I don't do well if I cant see Tara. Next stop was for ice cream. Everyone but me got some, but I knew my belly probably wouldn't handle it. Somer sure did seem to enjoy hers. Maybe soon the doctor will let me have ice cream again. A storm was creeping in so we hurried back to the hotel where Somer and I had our dinners and went out before we got poured on.

Nighttime was rough. It was loud in hotel and our air was not working it was hot! We made it through the night and got up early as our presentation was at 8:30am! Yawn...that makes me tired just thinking about it! Somer and I both like to sleep in! Liz and Somer were excited but nervous...this was their first time presenting.

Lessons from a Therapy Dog...Life Can Be RUFF!!  went off without a hitch! We rocked it! You would never know it was their first time. I was tired and needy, but Tara was able to work with me.

(c) 2012 Delta Family Counseling, LLC

Here is Liz doing clicker work with Somer and talking to the audience while I keep an eye on Tara.

What fun we had! It was a great experience for all of us. I was so happy to get home to my sister, foster siblings, and the rest of our family. I love special time, but I also love routine. What about you?

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