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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rough day...

Hey it's Abbey!

Sorry for the delay, however Tara and Geoff went away and took the computer so we couldn't type! It is so great to have them back. We have had a rough day...Bode got a fever last night and we tried to cool him off, but it wouldn't go away. He is leaving the vet now with a confirmed fever, but not able to identify the cause! Tara is in bed too with both her knees giving out and waiting for the x-ray results to come back. Blackey, Geoff and I are doing great and we hope this week gets better with everyone feeling better....Bode doesn't want me to share it, but here is a picture of him with the cool washcloths on to help reduce his fever!
Still looking for a forever home for Blackey, if anyone knows anyone looking for a great dog!

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