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Sunday, June 7, 2009


We went on our first road trip this weekend. We weren't so sure about this but had fun! We got to teach a workshop at NASW-Fl (will post on that later this week). The car ride was fun, but we couldn't stop looking out the window. Then we got to this place that had a cozy bed, Tara called it a hotel. Hotels are fun, but there were a lot of strange noises that we were not so sure of!

We slept two nights in this hotel place and made new friends. There are many things to do at a hotel, but we were not allowed near some of the areas. We got to play on the playground when no kids were there and take pretty walks, but the room itself was our favorite.

Bode got cold a lot and Abbey claimed all the pillows. We hear we will be doing more of this traveling and hope that it will be fun! Our only complaint is that the lady at the rest stop was mean! She told us we couldn't be near the picnic area where Tara and Geoff were eating and said we had to stay in the car...the whole point was to stretch our legs, not Tara and Geoff's!

Here is a picture of Bode staying warm with all the hotel covers!

Enjoy your week!

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