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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My turn...

I always see Tara typing away on this thing called a computer, so I decided when she got up to get lunch that it was my turn! All I saw on the screen were pictures of Bode and I, I think Tara is still finalizing what she is going to say at the workshop in Tampa tomorrow. Bode and I have the easy part...we just get to go along for the ride and play with people that attend the workshop!

Many of our clients talk about the computer and even have asked Tara to check something called Myspace and Facebook during session. I think they forgot what toys are! Our clients always have cell phones and computers or gaming systems that make a lot of noise. When did a ball or a doll become less desired? Bode loves to play ball and wishes more of the kids would play with him.

Tara's done with her lunch and Bode has his football for her...I think we are going outside to play before one of us goes back to work for the afternoon where is that spell check button....

with love,

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