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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This week's adoptable...

What a busy week it has been! We have let time get away from us and have not been keeping up with our blog! There as been some great things going on and later today we will post the picture of our "Pay it Forward" donation to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

After much consideration, we have decided to feature two cats in this week's adoptable has been really hard to agree to do this since they are not our favorite creatures, but we think everyone deserves a home.

Knight is only 1 ½ years old, but has already gone through a lot.  He was originally found as a kitten with a very badly deformed leg.  Unfortunately it could not be saved so it had to be amputated.  He does quite well, but not as well as we would hope for a cat as young as Knight.  He is not very good with other cats and absolutely hates being in the cat socializing room, so sadly he does not get as much exercise as to benefit his remaining hind leg.  Knight is a little on the shy side and is a “love at first sight” cat.  He will either love you or stay away from you.  A person with cat experience and respect for their little quirks would be wonderful for Knight.  He is only little, about 7 pounds, but he has the energy of a tiger!

Kitty is a beautiful senior of nearly 11 years.  She started off as the original crabby cat, but she is melting a little more every day.  Once Kitty decides that she likes you (and eventually she loves every person who knows about a good ear rub) she will head butt you, give you Kitty kisses, and if like turns into love, she will even roll on her back for you and gently let you tickle her not inconsiderable tummy.  She is a wonderful wonderful cat and really deserves to have a loving home in her autumn years.  

All information is from GCHS...take some time to go visit these cats or other animals that catch your attention at the GCHS!


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