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Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Friday

What a week we had last week! Sorry for the delay in posting. This post is going to be about Friday morning!

It started wonderfully as I went with Tara to a Voluntary Pre-K "Career Day". It was so much fun! There were nine kids in the class and two were afraid of me. I hear that they had bad experiences with other dogs. As the time went by, one of the kids that were scared came and hugged me and the other attempted to give me a treat!

We started out with me just saying hi to the kids and kissing them---if they would let me! They laughed and squealed and this made me wag my tail that much more! It was so fun!

Tara told them about how she and I have the same job and showed a picture of Bode, since he works with us to! A little girl told us her dog recently died and Tara used that as an in to share with the kids what we do! She told them how kids come with us to talk about being happy, sad, mad, angry, or confused. The kids laughed and said they understood....don't tell Tara but I don't think they listened to anything she said! They just wanted to love and pet me!

The teacher told them to all go sit on a number so we could show them the tricks I know. I thought I had to pick a number, so I sat down on one and realized that was sort of silly!

I got up quickly when Tara brought out some great treats. The kids got to go around and practice the verbal and hand commands that Tara taught them, as well as how to give me a treat. It was so fun and the kids loved when I did what I was told.  

Tara then talked to them about how you can tell what I am feeling. She told them what it means when my tail wags or gets tucked behind me; what it means when my ears go back, I crouch down, put my head down, or roll over and put my belly up. We also talked about how I have to look Tara in the eyes so I know what I am supposed to be doing. It was much fun!

I am tired from writing, however maybe Bode and I will find time to post later tonight about some other things that have happened!


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