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Monday, March 1, 2010


A few of you emailed us asking about the Tampa trip....well, we are back! It was so cold that day, but we had a good time! Abbey was restless in the car and kept trying to convince Kayla (the intern that works with us) to let her sit on her lap in the front seat, but Kayla didn't fall for it. I slept the whole way there and back!

It was a small group we taught to and they didn't have a lot of energy like we did, but then again not too many people have our energy! Tara forgot the camera, so no pictures!

There were about 7 humans besides Kayla and Tara and we taught them what we have learned in the therapy room. Tara talked about how the humans have to go to school to learn therapy and how Abbey and I just know what to do! We talked about how silence is golden, it's ok to say no, setting limits, and more. 

We love being able to teach with Tara and are trying to come up with more workshops that we can if only everywhere would let us in to teach....

Off to take my afternoon nap....


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