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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank you, Theresa!

We have this amazing friend we have never met. Her name is Theresa and she works for NASW in Washington DC. NASW is the National Association of Social Workers, which Tara is a member. I don't think we  can be our members, but that is ok! Maybe we are members by default.

Any how, Theresa mails us goodies that are delicious. We think this is great and really like her (and hope to meet her someday). Yesterday we got a new package and they smelled so good! Tara had to hide them in her bag after I had one because I could have eaten all of them! Today I thought they were still in Tara's bag and I fell asleep looking for them. Leave it to Tara to take a vulnerable picture of me!!

Thank you so much Theresa for sending us goodies...don't worry, I shared them with Bode!


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