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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Abbey is in the hospital

Yesterday was a hard day at our house. Abbey was hospitalized and she is still there. I am not really understanding all this, but trying to. Here is what I know...

Sunday night Abbey was up most of the night sick at her stomach. Monday morning she still wasn't feeling great but then just seemed tired through the day. Monday night she got very, very sick and Tara took her to the vet yesterday morning.

Tara came home without Abbey but had her leash, so I got really scared. I didn't eat all day and just kept listening to what was going on. I miss my sister! I worked with Tara by myself, but the  clients seemed to be able to tell I wasn't myself. They  kept asking "where is Abbey?"

I heard Tara tell the kids that Abbey was very sick and was at the doggie hospital where she was being given really good care so she could get better and come back to work soon. 

Tara said that Abbey had a fever of almost 105 and that her white blood cell count and something called a bilirubin were really high. 

When we got home from work, I was so tired that I went to bed and Zoey (our foster sister) came to sleep with me too.

This morning we were all up early waiting for the vet to call. I cuddled close to Tara all night as I really  missed my sister. Zoey was all over the place and restless. Thankfully the baby slept all night! The vet called a little after 8am and said Abbey was doing a little better but not "in the clear and not close to 100%". Her temperature came down slightly to 102.5. 

Abbey's Red Sox blanket was on the couch when Tara left a little while ago and now it's gone too. I heard that Abbey has it at the hospital with her. That should make her comfortable, she loves that blanket! Tara said she saw Abbey and that Abbey ate a little bit when she saw her, but she was scared and very warm to the touch. She still has her IV in and the nurses were taking good care of her. Abbey is so nervous all the time that I bet she is scared!

Tara wasn't gone long and said Abbey was crying while she was there. I think Abbey was crying because she wants to come home and doesn't understand why she can't. I can smell Abbey on Tara's blue jeans and so can Zoey. We are staying close waiting to hear what is next.  

I wish I could tell time...I hear that the vet is supposed to call around 3pm again....

I better rest up since I get to work with all of tonight's clients!


1 comment:

Jessica said...

I wanna cry. That is so sweet :)