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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A day in our life...

so, we have decided to share with you a typical day (if there is such a thing) in our life!

-6:30-7am: Hear our human brother wake up and pretend we are still asleep

-7:30am: Reluctantly go outside as fast as we can and come back in where Bode attempts to go back to sleep and Abbey takes a seat on her couch to keep an eye on the neighborhood

-8am: Hear Tara fill our bowl, walk out to make sure it is enough food. Abbey eats, Bode decides to graze throughout the day

-8:45am: Get our work "clothes" on and pack up the car

-9am: Take our human brother to school and say hi to all the other families in the parking lot

-9-9:30am: Arrive at the office, take a walk around the inside and outside to make sure nothing has changed since we were last there. Bode finds bunny and ensures he knows where it is and no one has touched it. Abbey claims the large dog bed in the work room.

-9:45am: Remind Tara that we know where she keeps both treats (the good ones from Pawsotively Purrfect are in the fridge and the "others" are in the big playroom)

-10-5ish: clients, clients, and more clients...our favorite!! We go out and play in the yard a few times; play tag with each other; run around with the the other therapy dogs; drink water and nap

-5pm: Return to the school to pick up the little human and again, greet everyone we can see! We get so excited when he gets in the car and tells us hello!

-5:30pm: Home and run around the yard with the family, play inside, walk, many things to do!

-6:30pm: Here comes dinner!! We are ready this time and eat it all then off we go to play in the yard.

8pm sharp: We put ourselves to bed! Abbey sneaks into the closet and pulls down clothes to make a bed on her bed. Bode sprawls out across the king size bed and attempts to claim it without sharing!

Sometime after that, Tara attempts to relocate us (and our foster sisters). She claims that beds are for humans, but we think that we should all take turns on the floor, dog beds, and that huge, cozy, king sized cloud...I mean bed!

That is our life...most of the days vary in times as there are some mornings Tara makes us get up early or we go in later because we stay at the office until late (bed time) in the evening!

It is now 10 minutes past our self prescribed bed time...good night world!

Love Abbey and Bode!

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