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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hijacked blog....

Hi, it's Kelley...I "borrowed" the blog from Abbey and Bode to tell you more about me!

I have been living with Abbey and Bode for quite awhile. I am only 1, so I am still getting out of my "toddler" phase. I love, love, love to play!! Let's cuddle, wrestle, tug, and more!

There is a human kid my age at his house and we have so much fun together. I would love to go to a family that has more of those!

I don't know how to share a lot of my past and don't really want to as I have so much future in me now! I was rescued by Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue. The shelter I was at had me on this list, which I have now learned meant I was going to die, and the wonderful people at Brooke's came to save me! They  brought me back to Naples and found out I had these very bad bugs inside of me and that something was wrong with my front paw. I went right to the wonderful vet at Mission Hills Veterinary Clinic and they started by "bug" treatment. It was not a fun thing to go through and it took a lot of work to get all those bugs out! For 30 days I was not allowed to do very much (no walks, no playing, etc) because the bugs could attack my heart (they were heartworms) and then I could die. They checked my leg while I was there and learned that it was an injury I got a VERY long time ago. It doesn't bother me very much. I can still run, jump, and play; I just rest it when I can!

I came to this house two weeks into my 30 days of no play and began to learn the ropes! Abbey and Bode are working dogs. I didn't even know this was possible. I worked really hard to learn as much as I could because I wasn't allowed to play with them, so I would just watch. I showed Tara that I already knew some things. My previous owner didn't take care of me but taught me to sit, stay, and shake.

Since then, I have been working on my manners and learning to "work" too! This therapy thing is pretty need, but I get tired fast from the energy in the room.

I am a guard dog and will let you know if anyone is near your house that should not be there. I have a lot of loyalty to whoever loves me!

I don't like to share my food with other dogs, but if you are human, you can take it. Tara is working with me on this, but I just LOVE food!

Spread the word that I really want to find my forever family! I have been at this house for a long time. Don't get me wrong, it is great here, but it is not mine!  My foster sister got adopted last week, so I hope my time is coming soon!

Ok, Abbey just caught me typing on here so I better go! Spread the word about me! Oh and I will be at some place called the Shell Factory tomorrow to meet new people for Wienerfest! Hope I am not the biggest dog there!

With Love~~Kelley

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