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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today we remember...

There was a lot of anxiety felt today and we really didn't understand why. You see our human family went out of town for the weekend, so we got to stay with our grandparents. We could tell there was a lot of emotion going on with everyone around us, but we didn't quite understand why.

We now know that today is the 10 year anniversary of something horrible happening in our country. We weren't alive, but we can sense the emotion that, even 10 years later, all the humans that were alive felt.

We decided to do some research see what we could learn about other dogs that were involved in the rescue efforts and found the following links to share with you:

The resiliency of the rescue dogs is shown int his article:

Dog therapy used at "Ground Zero" (see, it's not a new concept at all!):

Kinsey's experience:

Take time to read these articles as they show another view of help some working dogs provided to those in the depths of this horrible event!

We are breathing easier as Tara and the rest of the family flew safely home today and we are all snuggled up together for bed. Their flight was delayed, but that was all! We had no problem waiting an extra hour for them, we are just so happy they made it home safely!

With love,

Abbey and Bode

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