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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookie Exchange...

We write this blog together. We love this time of year. There is a pretty tree inside...yes, inside of our house...we put lights and colorful things on it to make it even prettier! There are lots of people visiting, lot of songs being sung, and outside the houses all have extra friends in their yards. We are still trying to figure out which are real and which are not!

There are lots of parties. Most of which we don't get to go to! Last night there was a cookie you know that there we no dog cookies here? We could smell so many delicious many had peanut butter in them. Yum!!

Everyone was sharing about their businesses (Tara calls it networking) and we were enjoying the attention from our friends and meeting new friends. Most people knew us, but we didn't know them! We are celebrities...just kidding! Abbey hates when I say that!

I think we should propose a canine cookie exchange for next Christmas. Who is in?

The cookies Tara brought home...

With hunger,


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