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Friday, December 9, 2011

Not a normal Friday

Friday mornings are usually one of our favorites. Tara stays home in the morning and we work at night with her. We usually run errands, play in the yard, practice our training, and get some fun time in with our human brother.

Today is not a normal Friday! We had a new foster brother last night. He was really nice and we both really liked him (so did Chicklette, our current foster sister). Tiny Tim arrived around dinner time and things started to seem different. Tara turned our room (AKA the laundry room) into a cozy area full of blankets and dog beds. She took out our beds and food bowls and put up a baby gate so we couldn't go in. That was the first time we knew something was up! We were locked out of our own room!

Dad got home soon after and he had Tiny Tim with him. They placed him in our room and we noticed he wasn't moving so well. We all got to greet him and the humans went in the room with him to cuddle. We heard Tara making plans for the morning and learned that Tiny Tim was going into surgery in the morning.

Early this morning, Tara and our human brother loaded Tiny Tim in the car and came back without him. We  are wondering when he will come back! We didn't get to play with him, but got to see him and stay near him. We know something is wrong and wanted to give him comfort. We all don't seem to have the energy to do our normal Friday things. We are worried. Even Chicklette, who has more energy that most dogs! She is still a baby (11 months), but is also laying around with us. When the phone rings, we listen to see if Tara will say Tiny Tim's name, but not so far!

Tiny Tim has now been at the vet for over four hours. The vet said his leg and hip-ball-joint were in really bad condition and the surgery was going to be extensive. This could have all been prevented, but instead he was left to sit, untreated, in a kill shelter.

The phone just rang again, but it wasn't the vet....We will keep you updated! Please pray for Tiny Tim!
~~Abbey and Bode

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