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Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm Forever....

This picture could not sum up more! Tara was thrilled when she found it, as are we! We are so blessed to be in our forever home with never any doubt about "until". We have been through many ups and downs, but our place in this family has never been questioned. We hear a lot of people tell Tara their stories and they are sad, but didn't you know when you go a furry kid that we are forever? Would you get rid of your two legged kid just because you got married, had another child, moved, etc? No, you wouldn't...why are we any different? Our foster siblings often have stories like this and it's not their fault, yet their life was almost ended because of the "until" thinkers"

Speaking of "until" owners...that's what they are...they aren't family, they just own a pet like they own their car and other items. It's a different mentality than the family thinkers!

Tara was at a charity event last night and was soooo mad! They were auctioning off a puppy. Yes, you read that correctly. There were people walking around with a puppy attempting to get people to get ogle of her cuteness and bid.

We have seen what happens to a lot of these "impulse buy" puppies....that's right, they get fostered in homes like ours because they are told to find a new home when something new comes around....their family wants to travel more, have more kids, move, the new dog doesn't like them, etc.

Does this charity not know they are causing doom....or death? They do such great things for humans, but not puppies? Just because it was cute baby shih tzu and they "won" her, doesn't mean it is a good thing. Impulsively getting a dog is one of the worst things to do! They are all cute and adorable, but they grow up and they need attention and love and training and time...yup...time...oh and money, which they can't make themselves! We need your time! We need your money...we can't pay our own bills! We are not humans, but need to know how to live with you humans.

How does this "auction puppy" get a someone wanting to flaunt their money and be the winning bidder. No one checks out their home; if they are going to gift the puppy to someone; if they take care of their current pets, etc. Just because someone has money doesn't make them a good dog owner.

We know the goal was to raise money to help others, but why at the cost of an animal? It is unethical and inhumane. Once the novelty of the "win" wears off, what is the "winner" going to do with a puppy that needs walked, fed, potty trained, obedience trained, spade, medical appointments, shots, micro-chipped, etc? Are living animals now equal to stuffed animals that are given away as prizes at fairs or carnivals?

I will get off my soap box, as Bode has gone to bed while I am writing this, but agrees with what I have said. Please do not support or encourage the auctioning off of animals and remember those same animals may turn up in your local rescue (which could use your help!).

We would love to read feedback on this and realize it may cause some difference of opinions, but let's save some lives!

Until next time....

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