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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All this attention...

Somer and Lexi snuggling (c) Delta Family Counseling, LLC 2012

Greetings all! Co-therapist Somer and co-therapist-in-training Lexi here signing on to offer our perspective on this "hug a dog day" thing. Personally, we appreciate the concept behind the day. We think it's GREAT that the humans are wanting to give us a WHOLE day of attention! However, the delivery of this special day makes us a little nervous. We just don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling from a human hug like I do with a nice scratch behind the ears or maybe even a belly rub! So this year for Hug Your Dog Day, lets all practice dog safety and do what your dog loves most!! For us, belly rubs all around! 
Hi! (c) Delta Family Counseling, LLC 2012

 With Love,
Somer and Lexi
Goodnight (c) Delta Family Counseling, LLC

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