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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Griffin shares his thoughts on hugging

Our new canine co-worker has written a blog to share. Welcome to the practice, Griffin!

Hi! My name is Griffin, and I am the newest canine co-therapist in training at Delta Family Counseling. My human, Heather, adopted me from Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue just two weeks ago. Although I am only four and a half months old, I am really smart, and I have something I want to say about this thing you humans call "hugging".

Griffin (c) Delta Family Counseling, LLC 2012

When humans, big or small, wrap their arms around my neck to 'hug' me, it makes me feel uncomfortable and kind of scared. Tiny humans, ("children" Heather tells me they are called) tend to squeeze my neck when they do this hug thing; and that makes me feel like I can't breathe. I know some of my older dog friends put up with this, even though they don't like it, but I am very young with lots to learn, and I am afraid if you hug me I might struggle to get away from you, and if I can't, I might just be so scared I may snap at you, or try to bite!

When dogs meet, we have our own way of greeting each other. We approach each other from the side, we don't look each other in the eye, and we get to know each other by sniffing each other's (excuse my language) butts! We don't really understand all this direct frontal contact you primates enjoy!

(c) Delta Family Counseling, LLC 2012

I would NEVER want to hurt a human!! I LOVE my new family and my new job. I was so excited to go to the counseling office today and meet some of the children Heather works with. Please help us spread the word about the real way we dogs like to be approached and touched! Respect my space, introduce yourself to me carefully, and give me a nice rub under my chin! If you visit us at Delta Family Counseling, our human co therapists will help you understand how to interact with us. I can't wait to meet you!


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