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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tickles instead of hugs, please!

Another one of our canine co-workers wanted to blog about today too!

To all my friends and fans out there, I just want to be clear on a few things.  My name is Shep and I am a dog.  I really love being a dog.  Although I may hang out with people especially children all day long, I am still a dog complete with dog behaviors and preferences.  For one thing I love people or at least I love how they smell and one of my favorite things to do is smell and kiss (lick) the hands of children, they have the best flavors!  When I do this, however, many children seem to take this as an invitation to give me a hug!  Uggg!  I really don’t like hugs; I don’t even like it when a person tries to pet the top of my head.  I tolerate it, I look to my owner for assistance, and I try to back away to safety.  If there was one thing I wanted people to know, it would be to tickle me on my chin and neck that makes me so happy!     It lets me know that you are not threatening, not intruding, and really listening to me.  If you want to see my tail wag and my ears perk up in excitement, let me come to you, lick your hand, and then tickle me under my chin!  Leave the hugs for your own kind; they seem to really like hugs!


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