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Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday it was brought to our attention that our governor does not respect the "forever" part of adoption. It was reported that he adopted a dog during his last campaign and quietly had it disappear from the mansion he lives in. Being from  Southwest Florida, this disgusts us even more. We can only pray that Governor Scott really took him back to the rescue he was saved from and not to a kill shelter, but we have not found those details yet for certain. One report says the dog is at a grooming shop in Naples. Let's hope that is not right and an actual, registered rescue has this dog safe! Here is the story: (

It is not a widely known fact, but Tara is one of the Facebook administrators for Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue and just last week, Tara posted this to their page (

"Forever, not until. When adopting, if you expect to only "keep" your pet until the next best thing or chapter of your life happens, then adoption is not for you! If you cannot commit to forever and accept there will be transitions and learning curves, then adoption may not be for you. If you can accept that you have to build the trust and forever love, let's talk! Since all of our dogs/cats are saved and placed in foster homes, with each adoption, we don't anticipate a return. Each empty spot in a foster home gets filled as quickly as possible so another save can occur."

We are so thankful that our family knows what forever means. It is not an until I don't feel like dealing with you. Would you do that to your kids? The information in this story reflects that some basic training could have helped this pup adjust to a high stress, high activity lifestyle of being the Governor Scott's dog.  

When dogs, or any animal, are adopted, there is a learning curve for everyone! Even when we have a new foster dog come into our home, there is a transition period where we (dogs and humans) have to learn about each other. This learning includes mannerisms, behaviors, expectations, fears, and what may need worked on. It is not always a pretty, perfect situation, yet can be figured out for everyone to live together.  There are very few reasons to give up on trying and not even bringing in a professional trainer; allergies is one we can think of, yet we know there are many people that will prevent this from being a reason by seeking their own medical attention. 

We are very disappointed to see that this happened and hope more information comes out about this. The rescue world is not happy about this choice by our state leader. There is such a thing as a "Do Not Adopt" list that goes out to show which people may try to adopt that do not respect that it is forever or could/have been harmful to an animal.

We are off to think about Reagan and pray he is comfortable and truly in a rescue or forever family that will love and respect him for who he is!

~~Abbey and Bode

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