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Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Natural...

Is it natural or is it coincidence? We are often asked that about the work we do. We are asked this more and more as we bring in our foster siblings to the practice and let them work on their social skills.   With Bode being on part time retirement and Abbey not being able to see all the clients herself, the foster siblings going in to meet clients helps keep a presence in the practice.

Holiday Holly has been doing well in growing her skills and has a natural ability with people. This week, Everheart got his first try at the practice. He was there just to be present and allow new people to meet him, pet him, and be in an unknown, busier environment before going to the adoption event this weekend.

Everheart spent a lot of time being the curious pup he is. He explored all the therapy rooms, greeted the UPS guy, spent time with the counselors and interns, and explored the outside as well. Everheart was nervous at times but did really well. He has the temperament to be a dog in a therapy office or doing therapy work, just needs a little more training.

The biggest moment of realizing the natural ability of Everheart was when a client came in and his gentle demeanor shined. Everheart walked up to this client as the client leaned down and he leaned right into this client. The client smiled and expressed joy at the pup seeking attention. Everheart took his paw and wrapped it gently over the kneeling client's knee to hold her close and closed his eyes as he leaned into the client. The client expressed delight in this. The counselor and Tara both made comments about how Everheart didn't seem to want to let go of the client and didn't think too much of it until later. The counselor shared that this client was actually in crisis during that arrival and the counseling session was quite emotional. Both Tara and the counselor realized Everheart had picked up on this and was working to share.

Some may say that it was a coincidence, however based on the work we do, we know it was not. We have a natural sense and pick up on the energy that you may not realize as a human is occurring. Everheart showed us that he has this instinct and we are excited to see how this can play out in his future. Hoping he finds his forever home soon, but in the meantime, we will be working with him to build his skill set.

Please share Everheart's search for forever love!

~Abbey and Bode

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