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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update on teaching...

It took us awhile to get to this post...sorry! We had such a good time, but had to help Tara catch up after being away, that we forgot to give the full update! As we previously posted, we attended the NASW-FL conference to represent our pet-assisted therapy work at Delta Family Counseling. We met 21 new friends in our workshop and many others in the lobby, at the hotel, and just being out and about!

Our workshop that we co-teach with Tara is "Lessons from Therapy Dogs....Life can be RUFF!". We talk about our work with the kids and how much we have taught Tara about the therapeutic profession. Topics such as compassion fatigue, setting limits, self care, and more are the focus. We think it's funny that we know all this and all the humans forget...maybe it's all that schooling that causes you to forget!

We love to share this information with people and remind them that they have to come first and be mentally healthy to work with their clients!

Tara is teaching this workshop again in August at the NOVA conference in Arizona, but it is too far and hard for us to travel that far...we hope to get another one close by that we can schedule!

Until next time....

Abbey and Bode

1 comment:

Judy Peter said...

I am so happy to see that you all are teaching others about Animal Assisted
Therapy and how you can help children be happier.
I think of you everytime I hear about someone wanting to help children and have told many people about how you all work together.
Thank you for puting GCPP as a link on your site. I tried it and unfortunately it did not work. It needs to be
I sometimes forget and try .com which of course doesn't work. Thank you forwarding people to us whom you know have the potential to be great partners. We appreciate it.
Judy Peter.