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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Handcuffs, keyboards, swords, and more...

A day in the Delta Family Counseling play therapy room always surprises us! Yesterday's adventures were during my sessions (this is Bode)!

I was placed in handcuffs with Tara and got myself out of them! Sometimes the kids try to rescue us from the pretend bad guys, but today the child just said we were arrested for being "wild". I heard Tara talking with the parent and I think this kiddo go in trouble at school for being "wild". I didn't mind being handcuffed, but that was just the start...the session after wore me out!

The next kiddo was on sensory overload...seriously, none of the sensory tools worked! The sensory bag worked him up, as did the sensory balls. We spent most of our session in the dark as it calmed our client! The most fun was when I was taught to play the keyboard! Our client got out a guitar, accordion and keyboard. Tara had to play the accordion and he was using the guitar, but stated he was mad that I was not part of "The Band". Our client figured out how to get the keyboard to play by itself and it became my instrument! I loved to push my nose on the keys and add my own personal changes to the songs....lalalalalalalala! Jingle Bells made we wag my tail a lot...I think that is a Christmas song and I LOVE Christmas! Our band helped calm the child and he talked about his week in his songs!

Those are the highlights of yesterday...this may sound crazy and out there, but it sure did help these kids process their day! We learn something new every day!

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