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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Having someone to lean on is so important. You can have mentors in each aspect of your life or one for everything you do. This week we had some ups and downs and were thankful when Tara decided to call one of her mentors, Jill. Tara usually has the right idea, but gets such support by hearing validation for what she is doing from Jill. 

Bode and I are not sure who we consider our mentors. Tara has another Play Therapist that specializes and educates in pet-assisted therapy, so we probably would pick her and her dogs. Rise Van Fleet is so knowledgeable and experienced with what dogs can accomplish in many ways, but most importantly in the therapy room. 

Who is your mentor? We would love to see some posts here about our followers and your mentors!

Onwards to a great week!


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