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Monday, January 24, 2011

Priorities....How do you set them?

Today my priority was to sleep, as was most of us in the house, but Bode and I are the only ones that succeeded. The baby is, as Tara says, "cutting teeth". I, as a dog, do not understand that but see him biting more things. I guess human babies aren't born with teeth. 

Anyhow, now that I am well rested, I thought we should talk about family priorities. These come up often in sessions, more so lately. Who decides and who should decide do not always match up! Should the kids be involved (what about the dogs?)? I say yes (to both) and Tara agrees! 

Sitting down as a family for a planned meeting to prioritize needs is helpful to a successful family schedule.  Are family meals a part of your schedule? What about family fun or game nights? These should take precedence over anything else....after all, the family that plays together, stays together!

Are adult and child sports or extra-curricular activities taken into consideration? Are you making your child play soccer because you did (do) or do they really want to? Have you thought about volunteering or attending community events together? Does everyone agree? Is saving money a priority? What are you saving for? How can everyone in the family be involved? 

Do you notice a theme? Communication is key! Ultimately the parents are in charge, however by including the children, you can't help but have success by making them feel included!

In our house, there are many trips and places that Tara goes that we cannot go, but she always makes up for it by ensuring we take a trip we can attend. Sometimes this is just to the bank or like our December vacation, to North Carolina as a family!

I hope you take time to set your family priorities...make it your priority!


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