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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sometimes there is negatives about us pups!

Tara saw this article today and is not happy....neither are we!

Fido's No Doctor....

It is one thing to report research, but one must be responsible and post reliable and valid research that has appropriate measurements for what they are reporting. There are so many articles that show the positive results of canine companionship and word in therapy.

We may seem biased, but we know we are making a difference in the lives of our clients. We shared this article with some friends and here are some responses we received.

"For myself, the animal human bond is about quality of life and that's not so easily measured. In my case, it's how I feel when I go home at night and my dog greets me with a huge smile. And how I feel when I've settled down for the night and hear his big "I'm drifting off to sleep now" sigh. To me that's as close to heaven as I can come in this life. I know that without my dog, I am a sadder, less effective person, so the research can say what it wants! If it doesn't agree with me, oh well, guess I'm just an outlier then!
LOL (A very happy outlier)"

"This author needs to read a book on the scientific research of the healing powers of canines. I recommend "Made for Each Other" by Olmert.

"The look on a child's face when they come into the therapy office and there are not any dogs is saddening; however when they come in and find a wagging tail, you can see how much it eases the anxiety of anything they are going to process in the therapy session."

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