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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Our office is growing and this is causing Tara much stress. It is a good thing, but finding the right person is a hard task. Today we had some interviewing to do. Abbey and I were able to be a part of this.

Some of them went really well and have qualities that could work with the other amazing staff at our office...others, not  so much! We did all we could to let Tara and Kayla (she helped with the interviews) to know our thoughts. This included first impressions and during interviews.

I surprised Tara at one point as I was able to "turn on" some of the skills I use during counseling sessions and let her know something wasn't right. I am not sure if the candidate was lying or if she was nervous about the question, but her energy and changes in her demeanor gave me all sorts of red flags! Abbey was not in during that time but gave her feelings before it started.

Let's hope we are able to finish these interviews and find the perfect new administrative assistant...especially one that Abbey and I are comfortable with!



Kristin said...

Just found this blog. Love it!!

Kristin said...

Just found this blog! Love it!Bode and Abbey...keep up the great work!!