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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another first!

I did it...I never thought I would do it, but I did it.....

I called off of work today! Yes, you read that right. Bode Moser has called off work for the first time in his almost six years of life. I just can't shake this uncomfortable feeling. It has been four days of my medicines and I thought I was feeling better, but this cold front made me just want to lay around.  And by the way...I hate my medicines. Tara thinks she has tricked me, but I am on to her. She better have a new trick tomorrow or I am going to refuse to eat the whole meal.

Abbey shared what my diagnosis is, but I just am not feeling like myself. I now have a new understanding of what some of our clients talk about when they are "off". When you are "off", you just get nasty for no reason at all. I find myself barking at neighbors that aren't even doing anything, laying in the bedroom while the family is out playing together, and more. I want this to be over!!

Today my best doggie friend in the whole word came over...Baxter. He is here until Sunday as Tara's parents are gone. We played a little, but I think he realizes I am sick, so we also napped together and just hung out.

Tara came home and told me the clients were asking for me and I received lots of well wishes, but I just couldn't get myself together enough to go in. Even when I was sick before, I begged to go in and just sleep in the office, but this time is different. I am hurting and so uncomfortable all the time.

I even refused my homemade chicken and rice dinner tonight. I usually love Tara's home cooking (especially over my dog food) but I just couldn't eat it. She has to cook for me all week (as per the vet), but sometimes you just aren't hungry...especially when you are sick.

Ok...time to go lay by the fire before it goes out. Abbey or I will keep you updated on my progress. I go back to the doc on Saturday and should know more then!

Love all who read about us!


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