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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bode update

It has been over two weeks since Bode first went to the vet for this illness. He is not himself, but we are seeing some signs of the "normal" Bode returning. Tuesday he went back to the to the vet for an xray of his belly and they thankfully found out that he does not have bloat or a tumor (the two biggest fears of the vet), however they were surprised to find what they did. The xray showed his belly full of gas and swelling on his organs, more specifically his pancreas.

This is about the summary of Bode's last two weeks...curled up on the couch day and night

Bode lost more weight and is close to being down 9lbs since this started. That is really the biggest fear of our vet, Dr Monte, at this point. She told Tara that she is comfortable in reporting that she feels these symptoms and results are clearly pointing to a severe case of pancreatitus.

Thanks for all the prayers. The hardest part for Bode right now is that the vet asked him not to work with clients (which he doesn't feel up to), however he can't be at the office because his separation anxiety from Tara causes him to want to be in the room with her and the clients instead of resting. The fear is related to the stress the clients processing could put on his already compromised system.

Hopefully when he goes back this week, we have good news. I can't wait to have my brother (and co-worker) back to his normal!

I will try to do better to keep you updated, however I have had to pick up a lot of the extra work at the office, so I am exhausted at the end of the day!



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