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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm not listening to you....

Today a client made me MAD!! This is what I do when I pout...I suck on my bunny and want to be left alone!! We were playing nicely and she kept taking my bunny. She said everyone takes her stuff so she could take mine. I kept taking it back, but she didn't like it. She started to talk about her life of people breaking promises and keeping things that belonged to her. Even though I was mad, I think I helped her by showing it is ok to turn away from a bad situation.

I sat on this couch for much of the session because I just wanted my bunny to myself! Do you have times where you know something is yours and you need to keep it in reach? Why am I so attached to my bunny? It is a work bunny but I did not want to work anymore when she kept taking it from me. Tara said the bunny is my security blanket...what does that mean? Do you have one?

I need a nap.....


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