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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sad News...

I know we just blogged, but I feel like I need to share some things that are weighing on me. Do you ever feel like hiding in your bed (like I was above) and hiding from the news and the bad things that happen in our world? It seems like the news is so sad right now with all the trauma happening to so many.

We receive a lot of referrals for SW FL kids that are victims or witnesses to crimes and the numbers seem to be growing. We love working with these children and helping them play through the trauma they experienced to grow and be healthy adults. Trauma can be tough for everyone.

The latest news of the little girl from Orange Park, FL being found murdered is disturbing. Why would someone pick on an innocent child? What about the guy in Charlotte county accused of sexual abuse to an 18 month old?

What do you do to help children? Hiding in our beds doesn't help, but it does help to regroup and think! We are going to continue to advocate and bring awareness to protecting children!


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