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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doggie flu....

Did you know there is a doggie flu? Bode had to go to the vet for not feeling well and got diagnosed today. He won't let us take a picture and keeps hiding under the comforter...actually I am not allowed near him, only Tara and Geoff can! He is under something called quarantine so that Blackey and I don't catch it---very contagious!

I hope I don't get this! Bode acts fine for a little but, but really doesn't like being by himself! Tara had to wash our blankets, beds, and toys today...oh and all our water and food bowls go rewashed!

I got to work the afternoon today and some of the kids that were scheduled with Bode were asking where he was and got really worried when they heard he was sick! We have such great, caring clients!

I hope Bode feels better soon! Here is the link to info on the doggie flu, in case you are interested!

Stay Healthy!


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