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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking time to breathe....

Do you remember to take time to breathe? We remind Tara of this when we are feeling frustrated! A deep sigh can make you feel better or focusing on breathing with something like Yoga can help even more. We have learned that taking time for us makes for a better time for our clients!

Every day we have good and not so good things happen. If we can know how to handle these situations by taking a breath and acting, instead of reacting, a sense of calm is sure to follow! The challenge is catching this happening within us and learning to act! Tara teaches these skills to many of our clients and we often demonstrate deep breaths and relaxing with them! One example is for our clients that are asked to go to court. We ask that the client take a breath and breathe out before answering questions that cause them discomfort or for any question if they are anxious.

Won't you take a minute to do a breathing activity with us? Sit tall and close your eyes (after you finish reading this). We lay down and roll on our backs when we do this! Breathe in deep and count to five while you breathe in. Blow out for a count of five. Do this several times to calm your mind. As you practice and grow more comfortable, you will learn that you can increase the time from 5-10 seconds.

Keep breathing...

Abbey and Bode

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