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Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's so hard to say good-bye...

We have talked about the loss due to death, however we have never discussed the loss at the end of a therapy session. Many times we grow attached to our clients, just as they do to us. There are times when we don't want the sessions to end, just because we don't want to lose the relationship.

This week we had a couple of our clients terminate (fancy word Tara uses for end) their counseling sessions because they met all their goals. I really struggled with one of these clients because I always worked with her and even got to play with her puppy during one session.

In our counseling practice, we prep our clients in advance to ensure a smooth transition. Tara always says "The door is never closed forever, but you are doing so great on your own with the tools you have learned". I love knowing our door is never closed all the way.

Have you ever had a relationship stop and have difficulty adjusting? We can make it through this, but it is just so hard to say "good-bye".

On a side note: For those who are wondering, Bode is slowly recovering from this doggie swine flu. He tried to work Friday but just got too tired in doing so. He hopes to see some clients this week and build back up to working full time! Thanks for all the well wishes!

With Love....


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