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Friday, January 27, 2012

Continued Prayers

I feel like I have been going strong for so long now and try to keep everyone updated as much as possible, yet I am constantly tired. Bode has, again, taken a turn for the worse.

Tara and I keep debating on how much to share as we know many of you are concerned. We are very appreciative of the calls and emails for Bode's recovery. The latest update comes from some not-so-great blood tests that were taken Tuesday. Some of Bode's levels were very high and signifying the possibility of some pretty serious ailments. He has now lost 12 lbs and just does not want to eat.

Snuggling with a pillow pet

Last night was one of the more rough nights Bode has had. He struggles to sleep longer than an hour or so without waking in discomfort and needing to make sure he is touching one of us. He does not want to be alone at all!  Tomorrow he goes in for another xray and then Monday Tara will be taking Bode to a specialist in Estero.

For now we ask for continued prayers for peace as there is so much stress as we wait to see what is going on.

Good night!


1 comment:

Heathet Payne said...

Love and prayers to Bode and all of you. This is so hard!!! Hang in there, Abby. Bode needs his sister to be strong. Love you guys!!