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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anger Management

Whoa did I have a day! (It's Bode.) After my anger situation last week for being blamed for something I didn't do, I have been very aware of people being angry and experienced it today at work. Tara said we were going to help one of our clients with anger management, but I was not sure what that meant. Guess what? That means things make him mad and he doesn't know how to address them or work with the feelings! Good thing I know how to help!

Well first let me tell you that I was not really scared, I just knew how to help this kid--I think Tara thought I was really scared though! He played with a bop bag and I jumped on the couch for Tara to comfort me and then he would call me back. I would go back and then it would happen again. Finally I pretended I was Abbey's size and climbed on the back of the couch where it touches the wall---this was a balancing act, but he figured out I was scared. I did not move for awhile and he discussed how others see him like I did. I was not ready for his ideas for anger management and tried to help Tara teach him better options such as deep breaths, like with bubbles...I love bubbles! Ideas such as hitting your pillow or screaming into it were talked about too. There are lots of favorite is to walk or run! Hopefully everyone, including our neighbor and clients will learn how to control their anger so that we can all get along better!

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