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Monday, March 10, 2008

Quality Time!

Tag, you're it! Quality time with family is so important, as well as quality time with individual family members. Today we spent some quality time in the yard playing tag and running figure 8's through the palm trees. Although we tore up some of the grass from running, everyone is fine as we were doing it in fun (and not digging)!
We recommend everyone take time from the TV, computer, phones, and whatever else causes you to feel to busy to let yourself be free and PLAY with a family member. If you desire, quality time can also be had by snuggling together watching movie or TV, we just recommend being active as it also relieves stress. Another great option is to have frequent family dinners and family fun nights. Cooking dinner together as a family or simply ordering in can be fun. We have families in the counseling practice tell us they have candlelight picnics in the yard for dinner or have "no utensil nights" to encourage giggles and creativity.
The important part about quality time and family time are to do activities that those participating love to do and be creative! Family Fun nights can be at home playing board games or out playing miniature golf or throwing the ball for you dog to fetch (or even taking your dog to the dog park)...the key is no cell phones ringing or text messages arriving and focusing on each other---Laugh and smile a little too! We hope this encourages you to find some quality time with your loved ones and don't forget those canine loved ones!

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