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Friday, March 28, 2008

Unconditional love...

Work, work, work...I love work!! Don't you wish we all felt that way about what we do? Today I worked with a sibling pair during individual sessions. One was for termination and the other grief. I just love all these kids that I work with and they seem to feel the same. Do you have anyone that loves you unconditionally? It is so wonderful to be able to offer love to these kids in order to help them through whatever they are working through!

Unconditional love means you can not take away the love we feel towards you. It does not matter what has happened to you or what feelings you are struggling to get through, we still love you and want you to be happy. I love doing whatever it takes to let our clients know that I love them without conditions. I will do tricks, lay on their laps, act silly, cuddle, play ball, squeak my toys, go ice-bobbing, etc. to just get a smile and let the client know that I love them and care about them.

If we all could show more unconditional love for others, this world would seem so much happier! I have lots of love to share and hope you do too! (PS this is Bode)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbey and Bode,
Your work providing unconditional love to kids made me think about something that happened to me recently.
I am a therapy dog,too, but not like you. I go visiting with my human partner to nursing homes and a special place called a "memory unit".
Last week we went to a pet fair where we were asked to talk about our therapy work. Judy, my human partner, talked about how I give unconditional love to people with dementia. I don't care if they no longer speak or can not get around my themselves, I go to where they live and we have nice times with petting and talking about their dogs and how they like to see me and give me treats.
When Judy was telling the people at the Pet Fair about our visiting, everyone got very quiet.
I think the people were thinking about themselves and what if they someday had those kinds of problems?
I made a new friend there. A lady who said she had always been afraid of big dogs. She came and sat with me and loved on me for a long time.
And, I have an idea for you.
You understand how kids can be sad or angry or just unhappy. I bet you and Tara could write books for kids so they can understand about their feelings and how all children need to be kind to kids who are feeling unhappy.
I'll write again sometime.