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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I got blamed for something I didn't do...

Hi it's Bode. Tara and I are still trying to figure out what happened yesterday. I was so excited because Abbey and Geoff were asleep so Tara and I decided to take a walk...just the two of us! We started out and things were great. I was walking nicely and the weather was perfect!

We got about five minutes into our walk and this neighbor pulled up in a big white SUV and blocked us from continuing our walk. Tara took her music off and talked to the lady, but the lady began to yell and pointed at me. At first I was excited because I thought she wanted to be my friend, but then she kept yelling and I could tell Tara was not happy. This lady would not let us leave and Tara said she did not want to argue with her. I didn't really understand what was going on until we got home and Tara told Geoff that the lady was blaming me for "pooping" in her yard. My feelings were hurt so bad because I didn't do it. Apparently she said I do it every week, but that isn't possible because I am usually at work or playing in the backyard with Abbey. Tara and Geoff didn't know what to do because they knew that we were being falsely accused.

Have you ever had anyone falsely accuse you and not be able to speak human language to defend yourself? It is hard and seemed hard for Tara to do as well. We are always so careful on our walks not to go in people's yards, especially to do that. I wish there was a better way to prove I didn't do it because I do not like someone being upset with me, but the part that has me the most concerned is there was a little boy in the back of the car that watched his mother do this to Tara and I...I think we will find a new path to walk to be sure this lady couldn't even say we touched her yard. Let's hope this little boy does not have to witness his mother like this too often or hopefully he has a dog to help him through his rough times!

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